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Shop Staff Retention


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Fleets are facing a big dilemma when hiring technicians for their maintenance departments. The available candidates are often juniors that lack the experience to perform efficiently. It is hard for company to invest in training their staff if they can’t retain their services long enough to wreak the ensuing benefits.

Incentive programs

Incentive programs are great to promote employee fidelity and loyalty.

Our consultants have extensive experience in developing such programs in ways that benefit all parties.

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Work contracts

Contractual employment is the best way to ensure staff loyalty and fidelity, while offering job security for the employees.  This individual contract covers all parameters of remuneration, salary raise structure, vacation, fringe benefits, duration, renewal, bonus structures, penalty structures, performance, productivity, responsibilities, obligations, duties, training requirements and many more items, as needed to accommodate all parties. With a fixed duration in time, this tool becomes a structural planning platform for short and long term planning.

Work contracts allow companies to establish the costs of staff productivity improvement over time and ensure that employees can stay on the staff long enough to return performance improvements so that the employer can benefit from their training investment.

The Ministry of Labour has strict rules and the work contracts must be constructed in ways that do not infringe on labour codes, safety codes, and human resources guidelines.

Our experience in developing work contracts has come a long way in the last 10 years.

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For inquiries, please contact us at;    info@cftsgroup.com   or by phone at;   1-877-765-9629

Why us

Because you deserve an impartial opinion oriented towards your best interests.

  • No brand name discrimination / we evaluate and discuss all OEM and aftermarket brands
  • Industry certified / seasoned facilitators
  • State-of-the-art tutorials and training programs
  • Outside-the-box thinking
  • Custom made solutions to your tech support needs
  • High Performance wheel end components
  • Innovative maintenance tools

On-the-floor Technical Support

  • In house “Standard Operational Procedure” development
  • Recurring issue diagnosis and corrective procedure development
  • Warranty claims’ assistance & legal representation
  • Technician assistance & on-the-floor training
  • Customized training programs with hands-on practice
  • Entry level technician coaching

Our Technical Training Products

  • Air Brake Systems’ training
  • Wheel end maintenance training
  • Electric / Hydraulic Tail gate maintenance
  • Electrical basics and troubleshooting
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Custom made training courses
  • External conference room classes
  • Internal training in your premises