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Knowledge is the most precious of all assets.  It is the investment that brings the best return.

The trucking industry is changing at a breathtaking pace and the faster technology advances, the more it is difficult to keep up with. It is important to master these technologies by adapting to the changes, and to adopt them where possible.
Our specialists in commercial fleet maintenance make it a point to dance on the cutting edge of information by consulting and analyzing various manufacturers’ resources on a daily basis. This way, we can provide the latest information and technical know-how to key people in your business, enabling them to make informed choices.

Our technical trainers simplify the teaching of new technologies to mechanics through proven training techniques, using the best audiovisual equipment, and the latest pedagogical tutorials available.

Our training programs, developed  for heavy Class 8 vehicles mechanics and maintenance supervisors are made available in both “basic” and “advanced” levels, favoring the improvement of best maintenance practices and performance by all of your maintenance staff.



Technical Training  (Click Here for Info)

Training programs for class 8 heavy vehicle mechanics

Technical Training Program CFTS 2016

  • Custom tailored courses prospectus – PDF
  • Electric / hydraulic tailgate maintenance and repairs
  • Electrical basics and troubleshooting
  • Vehicle inspection (PMVI) – PDF
  • Training session dates PDF
  • Rates

Training programs for drivers of heavy vehicles (classes 6-7-8)

  • Regeneration of Diesel Particle Filters (DPF’s ) catalytic converters
  • Fuel economy
  • Pre-trip vehicle inspections
  • Driving hours and the regulations that govern them
  • Air brakes systems

Technical Support (Click Here for Info)

On-the-floor technical support programs for mechanics

  • Technical support prospectus
  • Recurring issues problem solving
  • In-house procedure development
  • Warranty claim case file development
  • Consulting services
  • Rates

Everything you need to know about brakes

  • How to measure brake stroke
  • How to cut push-rods to calibrate brake adjusters
  • Reading old brake shoes to determine premature failures
  • Why do you need to re-adjust Automatic Brake Adjusters (ABA’s)
  • When to change  air dryer cartridges
  • How to eliminate persisting water-in-system issues
  • ABS troubleshooting
  • Better maintenance practices

Everything you need to know about the wheel

  • Wheel bearing adjustment for trucks and trailers
  • Lubrication
  • Wheel lugs & nuts  replacement and their tightening specs
  • Wheel loss prevention
  • Better maintenance practices

Everything you need to know about lubrication

  • Oil analysis
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Waste lubricant management
  • Environmental biodegradability concerns
  • Microfiltration
  • Better maintenance practices

Everything you need to know about electricity

  • Reading wiring diagrams
  • Elementary troubleshooting tips
  • Better maintenance practices

Maintenance management (Click Here for Info)

Maintenance cost reduction

  • Reducing maintenance requirements and cutting  costs at the source
  • In-house procedure development
  • Warranty claim case file development
  • Understanding OEM warranty policies
  • Performance evaluation of original and replacement components
  • Performance results evaluation of service procedures
  • Consulting services

Maintenance related reduction of vehicle operation costs

  • How to optimize fuel consumption
  • How to optimize tire costs, according to usage
  • Owning vs leasing
  • How to optimize life of equipment

Preventive maintenance practices

  • Reducing the amount of road service calls
  • Reducing unscheduled maintenance
  • Improving maintenance practices
  • Preventive maintenance programs

Greenhouse gas reduction programs

  • How to reduce greenhouse gas emission and save on operational costs
  • Government sponsored greenhouse gas emission reduction programs
  • Eco Energy
  • Energium

Lubrication Management (Click Here for Info)

  • Lubrication audits
  • Microfiltration technology
  • Volume compensation technology
  • Biodegradable lubricants
  • Lubricant analysis
  • Waste lubricant management
  • Environmental management

New and ‘avant-guard’ products and tools

  • Advanced Wheel End Technologies
  • Ginont Manufacturing & Distributing
  • Kiene Diesel
  • Frasier Tools
  • Electronic Brake Testing
  • Prolab Technologies

Technical maintenance information and other useful links (Click Here for Info)

  • OEM technical support links
  • Aftermarket technical support links
  • Transportation regulatory agencies’ links
  • Other links


Why us

Because you deserve an impartial opinion oriented towards your best interests.

  • No brand name discrimination / we evaluate and discuss all OEM and aftermarket brands
  • Industry certified / seasoned facilitators
  • State-of-the-art tutorials and training programs
  • Outside-the-box thinking
  • Custom made solutions to your tech support needs
  • High Performance wheel end components
  • Innovative maintenance tools

On-the-floor Technical Support

  • In house “Standard Operational Procedure” development
  • Recurring issue diagnosis and corrective procedure development
  • Warranty claims’ assistance & legal representation
  • Technician assistance & on-the-floor training
  • Customized training programs with hands-on practice
  • Entry level technician coaching

Our Technical Training Products

  • Air Brake Systems’ training
  • Wheel end maintenance training
  • Electric / Hydraulic Tail gate maintenance
  • Electrical basics and troubleshooting
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Custom made training courses
  • External conference room classes
  • Internal training in your premises