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Technical Downloads Section

ar  Comprehensive AWT Parts Catalog in PDF format

Top notch customer support

Detailed  documentation is available in our download section, including our parts catalog, service bulletins, as well as our manufacturer service manuals. If you need a solution - our highly trained and experienced support staff is always ready to assist you. In addition to our download section, please feel free to contact us directly in case of emergency. We are always on call for you. Just drop us a line (click on the Contact Section), or dial our Hotline number 1 (877) 765-9629. [divider_1]

Service Manual Downloads

ar  SMCO Tractor-Trailer Training Manual

ar  SMCO-DA-1.1 Drive Axle Training Manual


Service Bulletins

ar  Bulletin SBSP-110 BBOC-15151-STD and BBOC-15152 STD bush inst

ar  Bulletin SBOC-121 Intraax tube installation-AWT

ar  Bulletin SBOC-202-DA Lube purge inst on drive axles

ar  Bulletin SBOC-120.1 Intraax tube installation

ar  Bulletin SBOC-120 Intraax tube installation

ar  Bulletin SBOC-117 Lubrication

ar  Bulletin SBOC-114 Using the proper seals

ar  Bulletin SBOC-113A Preventing spline contamination

ar  Bulletin SBOC-113-F Prev spline cont français

ar  Bulletin SBOC-112 Pre cutting Lubrication

ar  Bulletin SBOC-111.1 BBOC-152380-152500 seal installation

ar  Bulletin SBOC-109 PM 2380 HD applications-AWT

ar  Bulletin SBOC-109 BBOC152380 HD inst

ar  Bulletin SBOC-108 BBOC-152380 bushing inst

ar  Bulletin SBOC-107 BBOC-FRU-1932 bushing inst 

ar  Bulletin SBOC-106 BBOC-FRU-1625 bushing inst

ar  Bulletin SBOC-105 BBOC-152500 HD appl

ar  Bulletin SBOC-104 Lube purge BBOC-15150 HD app


Flyers, brochures and studies.

word List of verifiable client references in WORD format

ar List of verifiable client references in PDF format

ar To get you started with Optimum Contact (Canada) in PDF format

Excel To get you started with Optimum Contact (Canada) in XLS format

 To get you started with SPIDER + (Canada) in XLS format

ar To get you started with SPIDER + (Canada) in PDF format

word HT Cam

ar HT Cam

ar Payback study for Optimum-Contact (basic XLS model)-AWT

ar Payback study for Optimum-Contact (basic XLS model)-AWT

word Spider + Flyer basic model

ar Spider + Flyer basic model

word THIC 15 pub flyer 1.0

ar THIC 15 pub flyer 1.0


Why us

Because you deserve an impartial opinion oriented towards your best interests.

  • No brand name discrimination / we evaluate and discuss all OEM and aftermarket brands
  • Industry certified / seasoned facilitators
  • State-of-the-art tutorials and training programs
  • Outside-the-box thinking
  • Custom made solutions to your tech support needs
  • High Performance wheel end components
  • Innovative maintenance tools

On-the-floor Technical Support

  • In house “Standard Operational Procedure” development
  • Recurring issue diagnosis and corrective procedure development
  • Warranty claims’ assistance & legal representation
  • Technician assistance & on-the-floor training
  • Customized training programs with hands-on practice
  • Entry level technician coaching

Our Technical Training Products

  • Air Brake Systems’ training
  • Wheel end maintenance training
  • Electric / Hydraulic Tail gate maintenance
  • Electrical basics and troubleshooting
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Custom made training courses
  • External conference room classes
  • Internal training in your premises