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P5c – Inject-Air Manual Trailer Fogger

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Manual Air System Treatment Fogger

Inject-air trailer

Prevent truck and trailer air systems from freezing and

lubricate air valves for optimal performance and longevity

The Inject-Air Treatment Fogger is a fluid atomizer that fogs up the air systems to disperse air treatment fluid throughout the complete air systems of trailers. The fluid reserve contains up to 150ml per treatment. It injects variable dosage amounts of treatment fluids to the supply and control air circuits of trailers. It uses pressurized air from a tractor’s Trailer air supply line to treat air systems in a 5 minute procedure.

Follow link for complete procedure manual; INJECT-AIR Procedure Trailer

Inject air who it works

Pressurized air is fed at the entry of the Inject-Air forcing air and treatment fluid through the Injector Nozzle atomizing the fluid which gets fogged in the Venturi / Mixer and then delivered through the delivery glad hand connecting to the trailer being treated.

Inject air exploded view

Safety warnings

Use of safety goggles and protective visors to protect face and eyes of the operator.

Always use the INJECT-AIR in a safe manner preventing internal fluid spillage towards humans, animals, and any other potentially hazardous area in workplace.

Inquire on flammability of treatment fluids used to manage the product safely and adequately around treated vehicles especially if other maintenance interventions are required around air tanks and other components of the air systems.

All maintenance personnel should be trained on required safety precautions in accordance with treatment fluids present in the vehicles to prevent personal injuries and fire hazard.


Manufacturer is not responsible for any and all damages resulting from the use of the INJECT-AIR.

Manufacturer is not responsible for any and all personal injury resulting from the use of the INJECT-AIR.


The INJECT-AIR is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects for one (1) year from purchase date. Any defects resulting from improper initial assembly or from using water, corrosive chemicals, non-alcohol or non-methanol based treatment fluids are not warranted.

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