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P5a – Inject-Air Dolley

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Inject-Air logoAir System Treatment Dolley

Prevent truck and trailer air systems from freezing and lubricate air valves

The Inject-Air treatment dolly is a fluid atomizer that fogs up the air systems to disperse Air treatment fluid throughout the complete air systems of trailers, tractors, trucks, buses, coaches and off-road equipment.

This fogging unit is equipped with a 6.5 liter reserve that contains enough treatment fluid to treat up to 50 trailers or 30 tractors, trucks, buses etc.

It uses pressurized shop air to treat air systems in a 5 minute procedure.

Powered by a 12 Volt battery (not included), it is built on a mobile dolly for convenient use around the repair shop or trailer yard.

It injects factory preset dosage amounts of treatment fluids to the supply and control air circuits of trailers or to the charging system of tractors, trucks, buses etc. through a dosage selector with colored control buttons, taking the guess work of how much fluid should go where and preventing technician error.

Follow link for complete procedure manual ;  Inject-Air dolley user guide

 Here’s how it works

Screenshot - 2015-08-08 , 10_22_51 PMInjector nozzle

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Pressurized air is fed at the entry of the Inject-Air forcing air and treatment fluid through the Injector Nozzle atomizing the fluid which gets fogged in the Venturi / Mixer and then delivered through the delivery port connecting to the equipment being treated.

Screenshot - dosage controler 2015-08-09 ,

The  Inject-Air dolly is equipped with a dosage selector to administer proper dosage to systems on trucks, tractors and trailers. It can be adjusted to deliver amounts of treatment fluids varying from 15 ml to 150 ml.


Special features


The fog delivery ports are engineered with exhaust ports to prevent spillage of fluid towards the operator making them very safe for the user.

The fogging procedure recommended in the manual incidentally verifies the ANTI – COMPOUNDING function of the air brake systems.



Manufacturer is not responsible for any and all damages resulting from the use of the INJECT-AIR.
Manufacturer is not responsible for any and all personal injury resulting from the use of the INJECT-AIR.



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