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P1a – Cost vs Return on Investment

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” Optimum Contact ” is a permanent cam-bushing system

Quit repeating endless maintenance operations & control your brake maintenance cost

 The average cost of repair for changing two cams and a set of bushings is approximately $ 370.00 dollars per axle.


  • 2 camshafts                            $ 30.00 @                                                              =   $ 60.00
  • 1 bushing set ( including shims, dust-seals, snap-rings )                              =   $ 20.00
  • 2 oil seals                                $ 25.00 @                                                              =   $ 50.00
  • 4 hours of labour                  $ 60.00 @                                                              =  $ 240.00

                                                                                             Total cost per axle            $ 370.00


The addition of ” Optimum Contact “ to your fleet is $ 260.00 per axle  ( most common models ), which raises your repair cost to  $ 630.00 per axle.  This is about twice the regular repair cost.

This investment allows you to make a saving of $ 370.00 per axle for every future brake job, and this for the rest of the life expectancy of your trailer or truck.

  • On average, a trailer needs a brake job every 2 years.
  • If the service life of that trailer is 12 years, it will require 6 brake jobs during this time.
  • An investment of $ 260.00 per axle (on most common models ) is needed to install

” Optimum Contact “ RIGHT AT THE FIRST BRAKE JOB, or later in the life of the unit.

  • When the next brake job is due, you will save $ 370.00 per axle because you won’t need to change the cam and bushings again, because they will outlast the trailer.
  • This saving paid the initial investment of $260.00 spent on the first job.
  • You still have 4 more brake jobs in which you will save $370.00


Just by saving on cam & bushing changes alone



  • Less downtime for your trailers because of worry free inspections at scales.
  • 100 % performance of the automatic slack adjusters = brake stroke within specs.
  • 35% added brake life (bottom shoes stop dragging at the bottom of the drums).
  • Allows you to invest in better lining materials (adding more brake life).
  • Less downtime because the law enforcement agents know your units are reputed for their compliance to safety standards.
  • Less brake maintenance downtime (tandem trailer relined in less than 2 hours).
  • 10% additional braking power transfer to “S” cam head = shorter stopping distance.
  • Improved reliability of brake system.
  • Permanent repair backed up with a limited 5 year warranty.


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